📖 Personal profile

Shilong Mu received his B.S. degree in Electronic Information Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology in 2022. He is currently pursuing his M.S. degree in Data Science and Information Technology at Smart Sensing and Robotics group (SSR Group) at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute. He concentrated on the research topic of robotic sensing and embodied AI under the guidance of Professor Wenbo Ding in SSR Group.

📝 Research interests

Shilong Mu’s academic and research endeavors are centered around the cutting-edge domains of:

  • Tactile sensing
  • Electronic skin
  • Human-machine interface
  • Embodied AI

His work is driven by a passion for pioneering developments in these fields, aiming to enhance the capabilities of human-machine interactions and robotic technologies.

🤖 Ongoing works (Welcome to join us!!!!)

Spatial computing operating system
(visual, tactile, spatial sense)
Multi-modal two-finger gripper-TactoGrip

🔥 News

[2024/04] Shilong participated in the first China Humanoid Robot Industry Conference held in Beijing!

[2024/03] Shilong’s ICRA 2024 RAS Travel Support Application has been accepted!

[2024/01] SSR Group has four papers got accepted by ICRA 2024. Congrats to shilong, xiaosa, ziwu, and chenchang! Research covers tactile duplexing, tactile reconstruction, multi-modal visual-tactile, flexible operation!

[2024/01] Our work on bidirectional human-robot interaction e-skin has been accepted by ICRA 2024, Japan, Yokohama.

[2024/01] SSR Group held the 2023 annual summary meeting and conducted academic exchanges with the laboratory of Professor Zhong Junwen of the University of Macau, in Macau, China.

[2023/10] Shilong obtained the internship offer from Tencent Robotics X lab and will continue research on robot tactile!

[2023/10] Shilong received the Tsinghua University second-class scholarship!

[2023/10] Shilong participated in the 8th “Fundamental Theories and Key Technologies of Soft Robotics” Symposium in 2023.

[2023/09] Shilong participated in the 2023 Guangdong Provincial Graduate Student Academic Forum and gave an academic presentation.

[2023/09] Our work on hybrid embedded system for the continuous monitoring of bird fligh has been accepted by UbiComp 23 SESSION: CPD.

[2023/08] Our work on platypus-inspired electro-mechanosensory finger for remote control and tactile sensing has been accepted by Nano Energy (IF: 19.06).

[2023/01] SSR Group held the 2022 annual summary meeting in Shenzhen, China!

📝 Publications

nano-energy 2023
  • A platypus-inspired electro-mechanosensory finger for remote control and tactile sensing
  • Shilong Mu*, Shoujie Li, Hongfa Zhao, Zihan Wang, Xiao Xiao, Zenan Lin, Ziwu Song, Huaze Tang, Qinghao Xu, Dongkai Wang, Wang Wei Lee†, Changsheng Wu†, Wenbo Ding†.
  • Nano Energy, 2023, 116: 108790. (JCR:Q1; IF:17.6)
  • [Link] [PDF]
ICRA 2024
  • Dual-modal Tactile E-skin: Enabling Bidirectional Human-Robot Interaction via Integrated Tactile Perception and Feedback
  • Shilong Mu*, Runze Zhao*, Zenan Lin, Yan Huang, Shoujie Li, Chenchang Li, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Wenbo Ding†.
  • ICRA 2024, Japan, Yokohama
  • [Link] [PDF][Project page]

📸 Pics

With my lover in 2023, Shenzhen Relaxation time, Shenzhen
China vs. South Korea football match,
December 2023, Shenzhen
Robotics X Lab
SSR Group 2023 annual summary meeting, Macau SSR Group 2022 annual summary meeting, Shenzhen

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